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The must have app if you ride a motorcycle.Track, record and view motorcycle routes and ride statistics with mototrackTour.
View on your smartphone or upload to the web to keep a permanent record of your ride history and mileage.
Share motorcycle routes with your friends and let them see your ride maps and statistics. Make your favourite routes public so they can be viewed by other motorcyclists.
Whether you are a motorcycle tourer or a commuter, mototrack is the easiest way to keep a log of your motorcycle riding history.
KEY FEATURES* Manual or automatic start/pause/resume settings* Configurable recording and viewing options* No need to mount your handset, just start recording and put it in your pocket* View route map, speed, altitude, acceleration and more on your handset* Upload to a free website ( and share with friends or the world* No data connection is required to record and view rides on your handset* Not just for motorbikes, use for any journey by any mode
Safety: Never operate mototrackTOUR or otherwise operate your smartphone while riding or driving.